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"ʻO Kimo ke kaikaina kolohe o Billy."

Translation:Kimo is the mischievous younger brother of Billy.

September 24, 2019



I feel hawaii pidgin sentence structure should be allowed. Since what you pidgin is a actual language that we use in Hawaii....


Although pidgin is fun for everyday interactions, I'm not here to learn pidgin - I want to learn the beautiful historic language.


I have a strong wish from the very start - to divide a Hawaiian language course into two parts: Traditional ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, as old and conservative as it possible, and Hawaiian language nowadays, including pidgin and all those various influences, which have changed the language from pre-missionary (oral) to modern. Of course, every language is a living matter, constantly changing, no language is permanent but Latin, not spoken one. But I believe, that the old Hawaiian language is a kind of treasure, that needs to be preserved.


Why does the o in this case not have the okina before it? What is the rule?


The 'O at the beginning does have the okina, indicating the sentence is a statement of equivalence: this equals that. The small "o" without the okina indicates possession or belonging - the brother of....

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