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  5. "Don't hurl the spear!"

"Don't hurl the spear!"

Translation:Nolite contorquere hastam!

September 24, 2019



This is the first time I've encountered Nolite so I looked it up of Wicktionary:

nōlō (present infinitive nōlle, perfect active nōluī); irregular conjugation, irregular, no passive "I am unwilling, I wish not, I want not, I refuse"

Abire nolumus. ― We are unwilling to depart.

Nollem. ― I would not/I could wish not.

Nollem factum. ― I am sorry for it.

Quod nolim. ― Which I must not do (loosely, which Heaven forbid).

Non nolle. ― To have no objection/To be willing.

Me nolente. ― Without my consent. /Against my will. (literally. with me being unwilling)

Usage notes: This verb is especially frequent in the imperative (nōlī, nōlīto, nōlīte) because its imperative form is used as the negation in a polite form of negative imperative: nōlī / nōlīte (singular/plural, respectively) + [infinitive], literally "Be unwilling to [ bare infinitive ]," reflecting the substitution of nolle + [infinitive] for ne + [second-person present subjunctive], the latter phrase having the literal meaning of "May you not [ bare infinitive ]."


Nōlīte speluncas intrare! (plural) "Don't (you people) enter the caves!"

Nōlī irasci. (singular) "Don't become angry."


"Noli me tangere" (the 'a' is short) said Jesus when he appeared to his mother on the day of his resurgence: "Do not touch me."


Must be a heavy spear if it takes more than one person/owl/parrot to throw it?


Nōlī, Obsecrō, istum disturbāre! • harēnam • Don't, I pray, disturb that! • sand • Ἀρχιμήδης 220 BC • Archimedes • Συρακοῦσαι • Syracusae

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