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  5. "She is going to sleep."

"She is going to sleep."

Translation:वह सोने जा रही है।

September 24, 2019



Why सोने and not सोनी (since she is female)?


Only the principal verb needs to be conjugated with the subject. सोना is being used as the indirect object of the verb जाना.


Ah okay but why not सोना then? Why change it at all?


It's in the oblique case. It's similar to how in 'वह मेरे घर जा रही है।' we use 'मेरे घर' instead of 'मेरा घर'. The reason is that जाना is an intransitive verb and there is an implicit postposition ('ghostposition') before it and 'सोने' / 'मेरे घर' is the object of that implied postposition.

Verb infinitives can take the oblique case because they behave as nouns (similar to English).

[deactivated user]

    Thank you. I had the exact same questions.


    here "sone" is equivalent to "sone ke liye" preposition is hidden


    Does this just indicate future tense, or does it mean she's going somewhere else to sleep?


    Can mean both (just like the English sentence).

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