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  5. "Mustela mures captat."

"Mustela mures captat."

Translation:The weasel tries to grab the mice.

September 24, 2019



Is "Hos" also weasels?


The only hos I know of is the masculine accusative plural of hic, haec, hoc (this), so I don't think so. Are you sure you that is the word you were thinking of?


I tried Google translate and it must have been a "free translation" as it made mincemeat of it. Thank you for putting me straight.


Google translate tends to be really bad for Latin from my experience. I just tried putting in 'weasel' and it gave me ictis which I can only find as a form of the participle of the verb ico (something like 'hit', 'strike', etc.).


I'd expect conatur


Man, no wonder latin is so brief, I would never have thought "tries to grab" is a word. Is there one for dorwning out depression with Pizza?

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