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  5. My streak seems stuck


My streak seems stuck

I have been very active during all times of the day and my streak hasn't moved from 89 in several days. My daily count for double or nothing is going up and my backup 'freeze' hasn't been activated so I know it isn't because of a time zone thing or inactivity. Any ideas?

June 20, 2014



Of course the second I decide to ask about it, it fixes itself. Weeee.


Same thing is happening to me right now, I have translated a bunch of stuff, no votes nothing for quite some time which was not the case yesterday. Not only this, I cannot pass the next stage of my French although I already completed the points. What is going on?


Refresh the homepage . The level and the gold bar get stuck when you pass the level threshold using Immersion, while the points are going up. Go to your tree and refresh page there.


That also did not work, but waiting one hour or so seems like a good thing :) Everything is fine now :)

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