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"وِلاية جورْجْيا قَديمة وَجَميلة جِدّاً."

Translation:The state of Georgia is old and very pretty.

September 24, 2019



True but not consistent with your previous rulings!


Absolutely correct that is previous said this was wrong! I posted a comment about this earlier this morning in a previous lesson, but it appears they have corrected this.


Given that the sentence is ambiguous, they really need to accept both answers ("very" modifying both words or just pretty) rather thsn switching abruptly from one being arbitrarily wrong to the other being arbitrarily wrong.


How do I say 'The state of Georgia is very old and pretty'?


I came here for the same question and also to ask how to say very old and very pretty - twice جداً?


ولاية جورجيا قديمة جدا و جميلة


In the previous sentence your translation was exactly the opposite of what you are saying for this sentence. Be consistent. Otherwise we shall always remain confused and keep repeating this mistake.

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