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  5. "My flower"

"My flower"

Translation:Ua langu

September 24, 2019



Why not explain it in the definition box, which says "kwangu"?


The definition is across the board, they're not individualized to each sentence


Got it. But that's kind'a the point. They aren't individualized, are they? That would make it much easier to figure things out, though, wouldn't it? Also an explanation of why that particular variation is used would be excellent. Or maybe add a link to a simply worded explanation on the Duolingo site.

As it is, I am still struggling with noun classes and all these variations that depend on them. I'm sure I'm not alone. I mean, I get that classifications exist, but I can't guess which nouns belong to which classes because it seems like they are all over the proverbial map.

So, M/Wa deals primarily with animate things. That I learned from someone else a long time ago. I still can't figure out why Dada and Kaka aren't pluralized Wadada and Wakaka like Mdudu is pluralized Wadudu. Is a sister or brother less animate than an insect. I'm not implying they share common value, but they share a common noun class, so what gives? Further, are plants considered animate simply because they fit the definition of alive?

I get there are reasons nouns are divided into classes, but as of yet I have found no one who can adequately explain what makes a noun fit a specific class without going into a long, drawn-out, jagged lecture ending with, "I guess I can't really explain it. It's just the way it is." And these are native Swahili speaking people from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and D.R. Congo. If biological taxonomy operated this way, no one would know the difference between a placental mammal and a marsupial mammal. I mean, there must be an easier way to put a finer point on this stuff without taking up too much space.


There are posts under the Swahili Masterpost. Discussions tab > Popular


Okay, see, I thought our feedback was supposed to help improve the Duolingo app. I would love to see this stuff within the APP lessons. I see the word "Masterpost" but my app has no "discussions" tab, so that's not helpful. I'm not trying to be combative. I know I might come across that way in text, but I'm just trying to state my case plainly.


Your browser is your best bet, access to notes on the app is pretty limited. But the lessons also have notes


My range of "control" is limited to the course itself, perhaps try publishing to the general forum, which will need to be on a browser. Even a mobile browser works


Why langu instead of yangu?


noun classes - please see Masterpost

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