"The next week is my last week."

Translation:A próxima semana é a minha última semana.

April 21, 2013

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Can you change the word order and say, 'a semana proxima...' or does that not work that way round?


Not sure if it is wrong but we don't say that this way, but "próxima semana" (next week). "Próxima" also means "near", so if you use semana próxima you are meaning that (viajo na semana próxima ao carnaval - I travel in the week "near/close to" Carnaval)


Great, thanks Paulenrique - that makes sense.


no lo había pensado así. gracias :)

[deactivated user]

    So "última" is another one of those adjectives, like "proxima" and "nova" that goes before the noun it modifies? It would be nice if the lesson help text included that.


    Why is "está" marked wrong?

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