"How many chairs do we put at the table?"

Translation:Quante sedie mettiamo a tavola?

April 21, 2013



why can it be both "a tavola" and "al tavolo"?

August 7, 2013


From my understanding, though both tavola and tavolo mean table, tavola is more like "the place we eat" while tavolo is the table itself. Here's an article about it: http://blogs.transparent.com/italian/tavolo-or-tavola/

January 27, 2014


Lingot for you because this was driving me nuts!!

March 23, 2019


When should I use "sedia", and when should I use "seggiola"? Thanks.

November 1, 2013


What about sedia vs presiede?

June 8, 2014


Same question. The helper said presedie as an option. I chose it, and it was marked as incorrect.

October 21, 2014


My same question

May 20, 2018


In another section a native Italian speaker said that they can be used interchangeably. Apparently seggiola is only used in a few areas of the Italy and sedia would be more widely used, but one of the initial authors of this section of DL was from the part of Italy that uses seggiola so it is used heavily in the suggested answers

April 28, 2019


Argh. I first put "sedie" as chairs but the helper suggested "presedie", so I changed it and now it says presedie is wrong and sedie is the correct answer.

June 19, 2014


They must have ditched presidie because I've never seen it. I still can't figure ou the difference between la sedia and la seggiola...

March 23, 2019


I know this is an idiom, but can we still say "alla tavola/al tavolo" ?

April 21, 2013


Yes. Also, "quante sedie mettiamo in tavola" does not sound right. It should be more like "Quante sedie mettiamo a tavola" which is more like your take :)

April 21, 2013


Can someone tell me the different instances for using 'Quante' and 'Quanti'?

February 9, 2014


Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think "quante" is for feminine and "quanti" for masculine.

Quante donne leggono i libri?

Quanti ragazzi piacciono i biscotti?

March 31, 2014


I think your example should be 'Ai quanti ragazzi piacciono i biscotti?'

July 11, 2014


A quanti ragazzi piacciono I biscotti? A loro piacciono I biscotti. They like the cookies. (No ai)

July 24, 2014



July 24, 2014


Since tavola is the only choice, the sentence is referring to action around a meal; the definition of tavola is a table for meals. Tavolo is a piece of furniture. You eat at a tavola; you book a tavolo. Since there is no guidance in the lessons, the only clues you have are discerning how a word is used and in what context.

February 27, 2019
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