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Developing/Reading Stories for Latin

I understand the Latin program is still in Beta but it would be nice to include Stories for Latin as they do for some of the other languages. I would be interested in producing content! How do I get involved?

September 24, 2019



I would be interested in producing content.

You don't have to wait for Duolingo's staff.

Dutch people are translating /developing unofficial stories for the course "Dutch from English":
Overview of Duolingo Dutch Stories


Great project! It's very impressive.


Very nice! But I am talking about content with which users can interact on the site...


Hi DannyAnno, If you want to contribute interactive stories, my new project might be interesting for you. Its about hosting unofficial translations of the duolingo stories in an interactive way: https://carex.uber.space/stories/index.html?lang=nl

You can also read the forum post about it: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38992372


We are, of course, expecting you to deliver this in dactylic hexameters, chiseled on marble slates. :-)


I was looking up my favorite anecdote from Gregorii Magni Dialogi (the Dialogues of pseudo-Gregory) to suggest as a possible story, and I realized that the only online text of it is a shockingly bad translation published in 1911. The episode in question from I.4 contains a rather comical dialogue between an exorcist and a demon who was just sitting on a lettuce leaf when a nun came along and ate him, so he had no choice but to possess her. But then again, it may be for too medieval in theme for this course.


Plenty of other courses, for instance, Russian, that have been available on Duo much longer than has the Latin course also lack stories. Duolingo seems to be adding them very gradually to the courses w/ a large number of users, but AFAIK there is no way to predict when the next language will be given stories, nor when that may occur.


I have read recently that an A/B test of stories in English has begun.

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