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Completed Latin Tree...but what if it updates?

So Duolingo just added a beta stage of Latin, and I thought, 'well, I'm missing the 'complete a course' achievement' so I completed the Latin course quickly (it's short and there are very many drunk and otherwise abused parrots in the course). But now I'm wondering, if it updates and they add more to it, which it will because it's only in Beta stages, do I lose the achievement?

September 24, 2019



I don't believe so - you don't lose "overachiever" if you break your streak, for example.

Also, the course might exit beta before they update the tree. German, French, and IIRC Norwegian, Polish and Turkish were all released in full before their trees were ever updated.


Judging from the times that I've re-done an updated tree, you do not lose much of the material you covered, but you do drop back to only having that subset in the tree completed and you lose the golden owl. Since Latin was launched with such a small tree, an update is likely to add a comparatively large amount of new material, so regaining the owl will take some effort.


That’s the golden owl, which comes and goes. But I don’t think OP will lose the Achievement (Badge) “you completed a course”.

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