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"Do not work on this task together."

Translation:Jangan kerjakan tugas ini bersama.

September 24, 2019



Why is "Jangan mengerjakan tugas ini bersama" wrong?


I don't know whether it's not wrong, exactly. But dropping the /meN-/ prefix better fits the pattern of making this an imperative verb when it's preceded by the negative imperative /Jangan/.


This. I think "mengerjakan" and "kerjakan" are the correct translation to "work on".


I know this is supposed to be a /me- [ROOT] -kan/ lesson, but is it also /baku/ to say /Jangan bekerja atas tugas ini bersama./?

If I don't make /kerja/ transitive, can I still say it this way, as long as I add a preposition between the verb and its object?


IMO "Jangan bekerja atas tugas ini bersama" when translated sounds like "Don't work over this task together" which can sound correct but doesn't really suit the meaning of the sentence and usually regular Indonesians don't say it like that.

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