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"Two bowls of beef stew for me, please."

Translation:I ʻelua pola pipi kū naʻu ke ʻoluʻolu.

September 24, 2019



Why does the sentence start with "I"?


Aloha e @BarbaraLea954887 , This is because the original enlgish phrase is a sentence fragment. This would be translated, in kind, ma ka ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi as a sentence fragment as well.

Hope this helps you a bit.


Ok, I have to remember that.


So then, "I" at the beginning of a sentence is a warning of a fragment? I'd seen previously that it meant the same as "A" in English. I wish there were a way we could go back and review previous lessons and see where we made mistakes - to compare, and maybe track, our learning process. Is there a plan to make this possible?


You could write down every example from each lesson. 'Olelo Hawai'i in DL has more than 2000 prompts. It makes for a big index card file.


The order of pipi kū isn't natural in Hawai'ian, is it? If so, it would be kū pipi, just like i'a palai and kuki kokoleka.

I guess, it was directly taken from beef stew into bifi (s)ku(w) into pipi kū ?

~Vir pius sacrificat~


One of the contributors said that it likely came directly from beef stew in another thread.

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