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  5. "O cachorro dela bebe água."

"O cachorro dela bebe água."

Translation:Her dog drinks water.

April 21, 2013



I understand "O cachorro dela bebe água" as "The dog of hers drinks water," which in more idiomatic English can be understood as "Her dog drinks water."

Would "O sua cachorro bebe água" mean the same thing? Would it be any different?


If you decide to use seu/sua, you match the gender of the possessive with the noun, not the owner. So, it would be "o seu cachorro....". Her dog = "o seu cachorro / o cachorro dela" his dog = "o seu cachorro / o cachorro dele"


I think I understand.

O gato dela bebe água = Her (male) cat drinks water

A gata dela bebe água = Her (female) cat drinks water

O gato dele bebe água = His (male) cat drinks water

A gata dele bebe água = His (female) cat drinks water

O seu gato bebe água = His/ her/ your (male) cat drinks water

A sua gata bebe água = His/ her/ your (female) cat drinks water

Does that look right?


Amazing!! Ithink in the third example you meant a gata dele, didnt you?


Whoops! Fixed it, obrigado!


Ok. Your explanation was simply mind-blowing!! Congrats


A sua cadela bebe água. Seu→cachorro Sua→cadela.


I'm confused. When I translated this sentence, I got, 'The dog drinks her water.' I tried to translate it from english to português and I got, 'dela cachorro bebe agua' or 'o cachorro bebe agua dela'. So, please, can you tell me what português grammar rule it is that I'm not getting?

[deactivated user]

    I did the same thing. I translated it as " the dog drinks her water" too. The only thing that very confusing is trying to translate portuguese to english properly.


    I get 'the dog of her drinks water', which would say as 'her dog drinks water'. dela = de ela


    If you translated this word for word, it would be, "Her dog her drinks water." How did this get converted to "Her dog drinks water?"

    [deactivated user]

      O cacharro = the dog Dela=her Bebe agua=drinks water

      I knew "the dog her drinks water" wasn't right. Then I remember dela be placed in Portuguese odd if you try to translate it to English. So I said to myself" the dog drinks her water" sounds better in English. That's how I got that.


      The order of the words matter: It is "Her dog drinks water" - if you wanted to say The dog drinks her water, you would have to say O cachorro bebe água dela. Dela means "of her". This kind of specification/genetive case is placed after the noun. The cat's water = the water of the cat / the day's hours = the hours of the day.

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