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  5. "Mars quoque bellum gerit."

"Mars quoque bellum gerit."

Translation:Mars also wages war.

September 24, 2019



A few synonyms for «bellum gerere»:

«bellum parare». to make preparations for war.

«bellum indicere/denuntiare». to make a formal declaration of war.


Reminds me of the saying si vis pacem, para bellum.


Those do not sound like synonyms to me. If you are waging a a war, you are already "warring". If you make preparations, you aren't yet. It's the difference between eating dinner and cooking a meal. And declaring a war isn't either of those (that is like saying, OK I will cook tonight)

Perhaps relevant and related/ associated terms would have been better.


Why can't it be "Mars also wages a war."? "Bellum" is singular, right?


"wages a war" sounds fine. I suppose they want us to learn it as a set phrase. But you can always report it, and the chances are they'll accept your suggestion.


I had this issue, as well. It's what happens when testing out of things before you get a feel for their content, I guess.


He wouldn't be Mars if he didn't


Does this mean Mars [like others do] wages war, or Mars wages war [as well as doing other things]? Or can it mean either according to context?


Interesting hobby, what does he do for a living?


War is his living. he hits people with sticks for a hobby


Surely Mars wages war too is the same as Mars also wages war? I’m English and can’t see the difference

[deactivated user]

    Is "Also Mars wages war" right? I got an error :/

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