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  5. "qet torgh mara je."

"qet torgh mara je."

Translation:Torg and Mara run.

September 24, 2019



Hi! I gave the answer with the names in reverse order. Does this actually mean that specific order, or is this an error?


Logically, it may not matter whether you say torgh or mara first. But linguistically, torgh mara je translates as Torg and Mara, not Mara and Torg. The order of a list doesn't change when you translate from one language to the other.


In most conversations it really wouldn't matter, but since Klingon word order can be so different, we have decided to be strict where options are available. If you have the choice which word or phrase to put first, keep it in the same order in both languages, but if the grammar requires you to change the order, then follow the grammar. So, in this course, "Torg and Mara" should be torgh mara je, but mara torgh je should be "Mara and Torg". Outside of this course you'll have to use your judgement whether the specific order is actually important or not.


But in Klingon The sentences' order is OVS


Yes. The subject of this sentence is torgh mara je Torg and Mara. So it comes after the verb.


That is super helpful - I'm having difficulty committing that to memory because it's the opposite of everything else I speak.

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