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  5. "Are the women at home?"

"Are the women at home?"

Translation:Suntne feminae domi?

September 24, 2019



VS • Another example of the many Latin clause types where Verb-Initial, Verb-Medial or Verb-Penultimate are the common vice Verb-Final • Latin Word Order

Many Latin clause or phrases types have typical word order: Latin Word OrderVerb Positions • Latin Word Order ThoughtcoLatin Word Order


Why not "Feminae domi sunt?" Does the "Suntne" carry more of a sense of "Are there women at home"?


The "-ne" particle at the end of the verb indicates a question.

The Romans didn't have punctuation, so "Feminae domi sunt" would have been a statement.


Difference between ''domi'' and ''domum''?

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