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  5. "I have a blue coat."

"I have a blue coat."

Translation:عِنْدي مِعْطَف أَزْرَق.

September 24, 2019



Why not زَرْقا

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Because معطف (coat) is a masculine noun. With a masculine noun, you have to use a masculine adjective: أزرق
The feminine of أزرق is زرقاء


Thanks! I was confused by this too.


Thank you this explains alot. Also this may be a silly question, how do I differentiate between masculine and feminine nouns?

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Well ... there is no specific rule really .. but there are hints ... the rest is a work of memory as you need to memorize the feminine and masculine nouns.

many times, feminine words would end in Ta-Marbútah ة - but there are also nouns that are feminine without it (e.g. šams شمس: sun).
There are words that are a bit controversial so using feminine or masculine is alright, e.g. knife: سكين (sikkeen: can be considered masculine or feminine) or سكينة (sikkeenah) (can be feminine only).


Thank you, that's really helpful. If you don't mind can I ask another question? I also have another app that I practice on. To say, "I don't have.." it says ليس لدي rather than ليس عندي is this a dialect thing?

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No not a dialect .. in fact .. i do indeed prefer ليس لدي rather than ليس عندي ..... though both are correct but some scholars do explain a delicate difference between the two. Anyway, no need to delve deep into these delicate expressions, but generally speaking both expressions are correct


Thank you once again.

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