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  5. "Inu au ma ka lumi kuke."

"Inu au ma ka lumi kuke."

Translation:I drink in the kitchen.

September 24, 2019



when no tense markers are involved the presumption is present tense. So I'm drinking in the kitchen should be accepted. He aha kāu hana? Inu au i ka lumi kuke. What you up to? I'm drinking in the kitchen.


In English, (at least in the circles I frequent), "to drink" without clarification means "to drink alcohol". Is that also true in Hawaiian?


Is there a reason the present progressive "I am drinking in the kitchen" isn't accepted?


Aloha e @LaliJ , ʻae, the reason is that it is a different tense form; if you wanted to express that ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, then you would say "E inu ana au ma ka lumi kuke." "I am drinking in the kitchen."

Hope this helps you a bit.


Perfect! I had the same question about present progressive tense. How many tenses are there in Hawaiian? (not sure why I ask because I'm having plenty to learn with just the present tense! :) )

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