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  5. "O homem usa sapatos."

"O homem usa sapatos."

Translation:The man wears shoes.

June 20, 2014



"The man uses shoes" is this wrong ? I agree "The man wear shoes" ,may be more appropriate.


I wouldn't say it is wrong.


Thanks, its still learning for me.


De nada! In Portuguese, we normally use «vestir» for clothing items, «calçar» for gloves/shoes, and «pôr» for hats; however, «usar» can be used for any of them.


Muito obrigado para ilustracao! I will remember each of this category.


Does anyone struggle when on the listening exercises to decipher what is being said? I feel like I'm progressing well on reading, writing and general word/sentence structure knowledge...but for tasks where I need to write what I hear it's a struggle and I have to use the turtle - tataruga :) - in order to get it correct. How can the listening skill be strengthened? Did anyone have the same fears but it get better with time? Listening to this sentence I heard something like 'homen minhas os sapatos' which obviously I knew was incorrect.


It does take time. It also does not help that the voice is a robot. :) I would suggest listening to natives speak, maybe to some videos online. I love looking up songs in different languages, and I think it helps, if anything, to get more exposure to the language.


I've an example in German, in the beginning I can't understand nothing, only a single word spoken in German ! but over the time my progress was increasing ! I can understand the duolingo's woman robot voice! I'm not an excellent german listener but for my level it's ok

keep practicing, the duo site it's only a quick start of a long journey


Surfx2015 and ZuMako8_Momo are exactly right. Don't lose hope, and keep it fun. I keep saying this, but the human mind has an amazing capacity for decoding language, especially spoken language. You will find that the more exposure you have to the sounds, the melody of the language, the rhythm, the better your comprehension will get. Even sometimes from one morning to the next, after a good night's sleep... the mind keeps chewing away at it, and you will keep understanding more with time.


Thanks, I'll keep going and I'm sure it will get easier, watching some Brazilian films will help, have a lingot each :)


Força! Conseguirá. Obrigado :D


What's the difference between "usar" and "visar"?


I think you meant "vestir".

They are used interchangeably to mean to wear. "O homem está usando/vestindo um casaco".

But vestir also mean "to put on".


Is "uso" more commonly used then "vesto"?


Not really. I would say it is the other way around.


That's what I thought.


Also, the conjugation of «vestir» for "I," the singular first-person pronoun, is «eu visto». It's irregular: «eu visto, tu vestes, ele veste, nós vestimos, vós vestis, eles vestem».

Well, only in the singular first-person is it irregular; the rest follows o mesmo padrão.


I'd say it is. (In Rio).

Usar is more common.

Vestir is very common for "to put on".


But we don't use "vestir" for shoes; the verb here would be "calçar".


use = usar, wear = vestir


Why can't use shoes be accepted , what word would be used if a man used the shoes ,say for instance to throw them at somebody.

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