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"In via matres et patres ambulant."

Translation:Mothers and fathers walk in the street.

September 25, 2019

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Via Viae: road, street, path, way, method, manner, the right way • From Proto-Italic wijā, from PIE wih₁eh₂-., from weyh₁- (“to pursue, be strong”) • Derived terms: DēviusObviusPerviusPraeviusImpervius

AmbulantAmbulāreAmbulō traverse, travel, walk • From Ambi- +‎ alō (“to wander”), from PIE h₂el- (“to wander”). Cognate with Ancient Greek ἄλη (álē, “wandering”), ἀλύω (alúō, “to wander in mind, to roam”). See alucinor.

Ambi- From Ambō. From PIE h₂m̥bʰi (“round about, around”), proposed by some from *h₂n̥t-bʰi (“from both sides”), one case form in -bʰi from the root noun h₂ent- (“front, front side”), whence ante. Cognates include Ancient Greek ἀμφί (amphí, “both, facing”) or ἀμφώ (amphṓ, “both, facing”), Gaulish ambi-, Proto-Germanic umbi, Sanskrit उभौ (ubháu, “both, the two”), अभि (abhí, “towards, over, upon”).

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