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Arabic Level 4 on iPhone

Hi there!

I was very excited to see the arrival of Arabic on Duolingo a few months ago and I have been working at it with great enthusiasm. However, despite finishing all of the level one lessons up to the end of level 3, I am unable to get access to level 4. I can see the components of the level, but they are greyed out.

Can anyone please help with this?

Many thanks


September 25, 2019



Did you do the test at the checkpoint? In the past this was to proceed without completing all skills before that checkpoint. However, that has changed and now you must do the test after you completed all skills. As far as I know, the result of the test is not important, you just have to take it.


I see the gold owl trophy at the end of the third level, which I completed, but I am not seeing any other levels. Does anyone know what I am missing?


The golden owl is the end of the course, there is nothing more.

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