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Spanish Movies on Netflix

Netflix has a lot of foreign movies with English subtitles on it, but while I've found a lot of German and French movies, I haven't seen so many that are in Spanish. Netflix's sorting filter is horrific, so it doesn't help much.

(Well, I have found some, but they aren't usually anything I care about watching.)

The ones I have seen are:

Instructions not Included (2013, PG-13) - Mostly in Spanish, but set in America, so it does have some English conversations. The plot is pretty easy to understand so I watched it without subtitles and had very few problems. It's about a man who gets a baby dropped off at his house by a woman he hooked up with once.

Pulling Strings (2013, PG) - Completely in Spanish, I watched it with subtitles because I didn't feel like thinking, It's a romcom and pretty cute.

Anyone else know of some decent Spanish movies?

4 years ago



>Browse >Subtitles and Captions >Choose a language >Spanish

All of these are have Spanish audio or subtitles

4 years ago


for me spanish is not even offered... do I have to use an account of a different country? Thants strange.. thanks

1 year ago


you could also watch the Disney movies, most of them are available in Spanish...if you want, you can watch them with subtitles :)

4 years ago


As ZheGreatest said- Searching that on Netflix's website will get you a huge list..

3 years ago


Apparently the serie Narco's is extremely good/ entertaining and it is possible to watch in Spanish as well! (having multiple language options as subtitles)

2 years ago