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Your sons are sleeping in the city.

I've been burning through the lessons on the Latin module, and the diversity of expression is appalling. Yes, I get it that filii tui in urbe dormiunt. I'm looking at what remains, and there isn't enough to get into higher grammar or to develop a nice, wide vocabulary.

What can I expect as I work further into this module? Will we hit other tenses? Will the vocab expand to include things beyond our immediate family, where they sleep, where they live, et cetera?

Gratias vobis ago, mi amici.

(I don't mean to complain, since I am loving this course. But it is frustrating to have the same sentences twenty times without the addition of new vocabulary items.)

September 25, 2019



This is only the beta-version of a brand new course.
Currently, Duolingo's new courses are very short.
If you want more, then you have to wait for updates.


No, this beta Latin course is limited to a vocabulary of about 530 words and only the present tense of the verbs.

It's a very good introduction to Latin, and drives home the basics nicely. But that's all.


Drives you crazy, doesn't it? The excessive repetition is not really the fault of the course developers, it seems, but rather is due to Duolingo trying to figure out how to fit what they've got into 5 "crown levels."

About the Latin course and further development of it, here is a recent post.

It would be great if the developers would suggest a direction (or directions) for further study while we wait for the next iteration of course development. Not that they don't have enough to do already, but still it would be great to hear what materials they suggest.

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