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"I visit the tutor-slave in the city."

Translation:Ego paedagogum in urbe visito.

September 25, 2019



What's the function of "ego" here? Why is the pronoun "I" emphatic, in this sentence?


Yes! Emphatic, so optional, but not wrong.


I would just have wanted a reason for the emphasis to be reflected in the English. "I'm the one visiting the tutor-slave in the city," otherwise, in unemphatic form, just Paedagogum in urbe visito.


There's no reason, the pronouns are included here in order that this course could teach them. You couldn't play with the word in English like this, and emphasize "I" with only a single sentence. It's easier to emphasise adverbial phrase in English, because you can play with their order in the sentence, same for adjective, but not "I".

If you don't say "I'm the one who" to translate very literally the emphasis, you can also play with the intonation of "I", with a strong voice ("bolded" with the voice).

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