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"Tu quattuor discipulas et quattuor discipulos habes."

Translation:You have four female students and four male students.

September 25, 2019



I made a mistake and put "habet" instead of "habes", and Duolingo flagged this as a typo rather than an error. However, I can't see how to report it (the only options for reporting are that their sentence is wrong - and it isn't - or that the audio is wrong - it wasn't).


Here's a similar post. The Latin course creators are trying to get Duolingo tech staff to fix this. So, no need to report it.

I agree Duolingo is sometimes too generous when calling errors typos.


Here's the post on reporting errors for the Latin course (if you haven't read it). It's the one sticky in the Latin discussion area now.

There's a link in there for the bug report form, if there's something that the regular report links on the questions don't cover. (You can also get to the bug report form easily from the "Help" link at the bottom of pages.)


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