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  5. "Patella est sub pane."

"Patella est sub pane."

Translation:The plate is under the bread.

September 25, 2019



What case is "pane"?


Why was this downvoted? Anyway, it's the ablative.


Is it not more natural to say 'bread is on the plate'


Is it more unnatural than saying "A drunk parrot writes the song"?


My favorite is still "My parrot is drunk and decitfull."


Patella ( plate ) diminutive of Patina or Patera

Sub ( under ) + ( Accūsātīvus, Ablātīvus )

Pāne ( Abl Sing ) • Pānis ( bread, loaf )


Is this a regular situation? i mean, the plate being under the bread... Are these just random words to make us articulate the sentences or is it an actual or possible way of saying there's bread on the plate? Otherwise it could make sense if there's too much bread and you lost the plate and ask where it is... There may be an imaginable context for every sentence, but this one needs such or is it a natural way of describing an ordinary situation as a plate full of bread?

I prefer the drunk parrots, i accepted that, it is now, and must have been even more curious for Romans that a bird could learn to repeat words and songs..


sed colloquium est sub rosa...


Stating the obvious, again.


Idk, i quite often put my plate on top of the bread, It's a underrated seasoning.


Why ”The plate is under bread” is not accepted?

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