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  5. "We are in the market."

"We are in the market."

Translation:Nos in foro sumus.

September 25, 2019



Why do you use locative with domus and Roma but not forum?


The locative is mostly used with names of cities, towns, and small islands (have one city or town on them). That is why Roma gets the locative.

There are a handful of words (or at least common words) that use the locative that are not in those categories. domus is one of them. humus and rus are two other ones that use the locative.


Why foro and not forum


in with an ablative specifies a location (no movement). in foro = 'in the forum'. In foro sumus = 'We are in the forum.'

in with an accusative specifies movement into a location. in forum = 'into the forum'. In forum imus = 'We are going into the forum.'


We do not need nos. The personal pronoun is also rendered in the verb. Sumus is 1 Plural, hence nos is not explicitely needed.


I think it's kinda obvious that it was Nos in foro sumus because all of the other ones didn't have foro-market in them

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