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  5. "Nimis male olet."

"Nimis male olet."

Translation:It smells too bad.

September 25, 2019



It, this, that - is [ too bad - tough luck, unfortunate, regrettable ]

It stinks too bad.
It stinks too much.
It reeks too bad.

In the context of food there is very little grey area; the food either smells fresh, good, O.K., unspoiled; • bad or spoiled.


Would "It smells so bad" be correct Latin? It is much better English.


that would be tam male olet or something like that (maybe the tam becomes something different in this case don't know i just had tam once in the sentence before this one, the same as spanish tan). nimis means too much.

EDIT: yes it's tam male olet. i just got that sentence 2 sentences after this one.


Stercus tam sordidus tam male olet et nimis male olet.

= Tam et nimis male olet?


This results in a strange English sentence.

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