"It is somewhere around here."

Translation:È qui intorno.

April 21, 2013

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Why is 'E qui intorno' accepted but not 'E intorno qui'


I had 'È intorno qui'. The answer says I missed a word. It's just the word order.


What do you think about:

  • "E' da qualche parte attorno a qui." ?


Sorry for all my questions lately.. But if I am to understand qui as referring to an exact spot, and qua as referring to a proximity to a spot, why does qua not work in this instance? Is it because I am searching in a specific area of the space? Grazie!


2/26/14 I just answered
È qua intorno
and will walk away with my heart intact.
This is due mostly in fact to finally having found the answer here from f. formica (he is one smart ant! :-)
The difference between qui and qua https://www.duolingo.com/comment/207660


qui/qua plus any "locative" preposition corresponds to the English locative+"here". So "qui intorno" means "around here" and "qui vicino" would be "near here." With lì/là you get "there" instead of "here."

From "A Reference Grammar of Modern Italian" (Maiden and Robusttelli, 2000, p. 90)

As for why you can't use "qua" I would guess that it's because the object really is in a single place. Probably need to talk to a native to know for sure.


I do not understand why the word somewhere is needed, if the desired translation includes intorno. It is confusing, since somewhere is not even translated, but implied.

somewhere around is translated dalli parti di at


But needless to say, we did not learn dalli parti di yet.


I think the word "Somewhere" needs to be removed if it does not get translated and is not necessary for the sentence.


Why a qui and not just intorno qui?


Someone is playing with us.Why did you put inside "somewhere"?


I said È nel vicino.


why is (è intorno di qui) not accpeted !?


Why is "E da qualche parte qui" wrong?

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