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  5. "You sit in the chair."

"You sit in the chair."

Translation:In sella sedes.

September 25, 2019



Does this mean you are currently sitting, or you are in the process of sitting?


EDIT: This is speculation, not certainty. If someone knows exactly, please let us know.

I would say currently sitting. in with an ablative tends to specify position rather than in with an accusative which tends to specify movement or direction.


So, to be in the process of sitting, would rather be "in sellam".
But is there a plural if it's a "we" or a plural "you", and there's several chairs? Could in sellis and In sellas be possible?
Or is it a kind of fixed expression? (I think it is, and they consider that each person has only a chair)

But I've found "Ta semper illorum in sellis sedes", "ibi hospites dominus publius accumbunt mulieres in sellis considunt ", "Hebrais cum coenabaiit non in sellis sedere mos eral", etc...

So, I'm not sure now.


My comment was more speculation. I for some reason remember somewhere else someone mentioning that assideo was used more for the act of sitting down. Hopefully someone who knows can let us know.


It makes sense, as it gave "assis" in French.

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Sedere, "to sit".
Sedare, the causative of "to sit" and the root of "sedate/sedation/sedative".

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