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Duolingo for Schools - Can assignments be done individually?

I ask this because sometimes students are absent and I would like for them to complete that specific assigment without favoring others that did not finish at the time. If there is a way, please let me know...if not, would it be possible?


September 25, 2019



You'll just have to look at their individual progress if you are having them work in class. Have your school district purchase you "Class Policy" or some other program so that you can watch all the students' screens at once to make sure they are on track. Or else pace the room and look at everyone's screens. But that makes you into a policeman instead of a teacher.

Personally, I assign Duo for homework. Class time is for communicating with each other, reading good literature, grammar explanations, and playing games that require them to communicate. They get enough passive screen time at home. Just my personal opinion.


I appreciate your input and feedback.... I TOTALLY agree with you. I was just asked to implement this for a particular class, but this a platform should be used for homework or extra credit..... that's the way I use it with my other classes though. I'll check on Class Policy. For some classes you may have to become a policeman.... :P Thanks again.

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