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  5. "In silvam ascendo."

"In silvam ascendo."

Translation:I climb into the forest.

September 25, 2019



I really never climb into the forest! A few meaningful sentences would be nice.


A few meaningful sentences in Latin?

Why? For all those impromptu meetings you have with the Vatican? For when you get an emergency call to come translate a recently-unearthed medieval text? :)


Well, i do it all the time..) Living in the mountains covered by forest, that's what we do here.


Previously, ascendo has been translated as I rise. Why can't I rise into the forest this time?


In this sentence, in armario is translated as in the closet, so why can't I say "I climb (or rise) in the forest"? Reported.

Timor mortis conturbat me. 2020-07-06


One cannot climb INTO a forest. One can WALK into a forest, or climb IN a forest, but not climb into a forest! Unless under very peculiar circumstances.


a bad pronuntiation instead of "ascendo" you say "attendo"

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