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  5. "You sing with the parrot."

"You sing with the parrot."

Translation:Tu cum psittaco cantas.

September 25, 2019



"Vos cum psittaco cantatis" should be considered right too?


Apologies to the team - I reported an alternate solution that was... not a correct solution. Is there a way to "undo" reports like this?


Teacon, the team doesn't read the apologies here. You cannot undo any report, they are anonymous. And you can't unsend a send mail.

We have just to pay more attention. If the team has to read the reports, and then, has to read the apologies, it just doble workload.
When a report is wrong, they just ignore it, and move on.
But we have to avoid reporting without doble checking, to reduce their workload.


This structure Subject - with xxx - verb, seems to be common.


After one or two "ron con hielo"...


Tu is not mandatory here, so I do not know why the system insists that you use "Tu." Thus, "Cum psittaco cantas" is wrong per the system.

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