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"The lararium is in the house."

Translation:Lararium est in villa.

September 26, 2019



Would 'in villa lararium est' be correct? It wasn't accepted


Yes it's correct, please report it.


House is also domus, "lararium domi est" should be accepted


Domus is more "home"? Just asking, because it's something that confuses me.


"Domus" means house/home, and is also used to refer to the city house for the ancient Roman upper-class. "Villa" specifically means the house for the upper-class in the countryside, literally the same as the English word.

So I think in cases where "villa" is used, "domus" should be accepted as well.

Especially in this case as a lararium is something you would find often in both the atrium of a Roman domus and a villa.


What about lower class? Which word did Romans use for houses of poor farmers?

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