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  5. "Quo iter facitis?"

"Quo iter facitis?"

Translation:To where are you making a journey?

September 26, 2019



very awkward English!


Indeed, but I tried "Whither do you make a journey?", which – I can barely believe – was accepted. I can hear the cries of outrage already. Given, however, that this course is full of sentences like "The pious seer sacrifices on the altar in the temple, before buying a fat peacock in the forum, and then eating salty fish and fish sauce with his tent-mates at the inn" the inclusion of a number of archaic literary or formal locative adverbs does not seem entirely inappropriate...


"Where are you traveling?" That should work, but it doesn't. Duolingo -- please make that an accepted solution.


You could be traveling IN Gaul, but TO Brittania. And how would you know the difference?


There has to be a more natural English gloss for this.


Travelling. To where are you travelling? "Making a journey" is even more awkward than "poorly" for sick earlier...


"Where are you going" isn't accepted either. Probably not specific enough to the idea of a journey as opposed to a trip to the lararium.


If I see someone going on a journey, I ask "where are you going"? The last thing I ask them in English is, to "where do you make a journey"? If the purpose of this lesson is to teach us to interpret, then it fails.


This guys diction is sloppy at the edges! couldn't tell if he was saying puer or quo!


was fur ein Krampf in Englisch


"To where do you make a journey" is a very weird sentence.


English ( in England anyway !) would never say " to where".Maybe " where are you making a journey to" ( still awkward ?)


"Where are you making a journey to?" is accepted. (2021-07-21)

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