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  5. "Quo iter facitis?"

"Quo iter facitis?"

Translation:To where are you making a journey?

September 26, 2019



very awkward English!


"Where are you traveling?" That should work, but it doesn't. Duolingo -- please make that an accepted solution.


There has to be a more natural English gloss for this.


was fur ein Krampf in Englisch


The translation vernacular for "make a journey" between now and 2 millenia ago requires more contextual literacy than a mere 3 words. The sewer system of Rome had its own deity, Cloacina

Marvels of lighter / heavier than air vehicles, steam, combustion, electromagnetic, solar, atomic propulsion would have been approached similarly. Very few people today share the same experiential and conceptual confinement to animal, wind, water current and wave powered transport who appreciate the ordeal of a day's travel ergonomically similar to an ancient roman.

The velocity difference between 2020 & 1820 rail travel speed is due to many more aspects than power; materials strength weight thermal stress tolerance, drive train engineering, rail bedding, rail setting alignment & calibration, carriage trolley suspension, shock absorbtion, aerodynamics, & etc.

[ 2020-2019: 1.7+M avg daily air commuters | 1+B surface commuters 50+ Km / day at 50+ Km/hr ] • [ 250 Km / day - on the fastest sail & water current or Rail - 1800 AD & prior - Excepting: short duration cliff diving ~9.8 m/s², ~240 Km/h ice sailing / skating, surfing phenomena: tsunamis, meteor, asteroid & volcanic eruption shockwaves, avalanches, volcano ejecta & pyroclastic flows ] • [ ~950,000 Km /day - fastest human travel [ WRT Earth ] to date: ~39,897 kph 26 May, 1969 ]


This guys diction is sloppy at the edges! couldn't tell if he was saying puer or quo!


Travelling. To where are you travelling? "Making a journey" is even more awkward than "poorly" for sick earlier...

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