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  5. Thank you for the tip pages!


Thank you for the tip pages!

I'm not sure if I've just been missing them all this time, but having started on the iOS version of Duolingo, I went through the first two units without seeing the tip pages. Reading them today has been a revelation and answered a ton of lingering questions. They're really well structured, and the examples make the concepts very clear, so my huge thanks to the author(s).

September 26, 2019



The tips and notes are only available on desktop. It's frustrating for us that so many users don't have access, and a delight to read your post and know that someone is discovering them. It would be pretty hard to figure out what Klingon is doing without some kind of coaching.


I do wonder how effective the pure Duolingo method (toss you in without explanation) would be. If presented very gradually in grammatical pieces, rather than separated by thematic vocabulary, it might work.

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