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  5. "Geht es dir gut?"

"Geht es dir gut?"

Translation:Are you doing well?

April 21, 2013



'Is it going well with you' seems like a pretty literal translation when turned into English, I don't get why it is wrong? Granted it isn't something I'd usually say, but neither is 'the grandmother is playing with the horse'


Some phrases in German don't directly translate into English word by word


"Are you doing good?" isn't correct? gut == good....


This is a variation of a German phrase: Wie geht es? / Wie gehts du? / Wie geht es Ihnen? And they all mean: "How are you?"

The question is an inquiry into someone's state of being. To my understanding, it is similar in English to asking "How do you feel?"

The example most literally translates, by intention, to "How's it going?"


"Are you doing fine" is wrong?


C'mon "are you doing good" should be accepted...


"Are you doing good?" is not a grammatically correct English sentence. "Are you doing well?" is correct


to be honest, there are other grammatically incorrect sentences, such as starting sentences with "but/aber...", yet they allow them. I don't understand why aren't all grammatically incorrect sentences disallowed. (I'm not arguing. You're upvoted)


It IS grammatically correct English. AAVE is embedded into English vocabulary no matter what side of the pond you're on. America, England, even Aussies and Kiwis use AAVE. This is the 21st century. English, like all languages, has evolved. The language isn't wrong. The rules are. That's why they are ignored. I honesty can't think of one person ever asking me if I feel "well". "Are you doing good?, You all right?", or "How ya feelin'?" will almost always be heard before someone mutters "Are you doing well? Excelsior! Oh, pardon me whilst I remove my monocle"


"How is it going with you?" is closer than "are you doing well?"


I think this question should accept "okay" as well as "ok" as correct answers. Not sure why it isn't this way. Anyone have any insight?


Why not "Is it going good to you"==


"Geht es" tends to be a clue that it has to do with an emotional state


But " Do you feel well?" Is not accepted


I said " how are things"? And it said I was wrong. They wrote the correct answer was "You are well?" which is not the correct interrogative form. These are set phrases that you learn both in English and German otherwise it sounds plain weird.


"How are you doing?" also, no?


"is it going well to you"... I know it sounds like a literal translation, but would that be incorrect?


I agree with, "is it going well for you?" would be better, and it fits imho.


"Are you going well?" isn't accepted. Really?


what's the matter with "are you going well"


I put "are You good?" And it says it's wrong, the correct is "are You OK?" Why is that?


I wrote "are you good" It says wrong because it should be "are you ok" Are you serious? -_-


The only problem here is that "Are you good?" is usually used in a different context. It is usually meant more like "Do you have everything you need?" or "Are we done here", whereas "Are you OK" is usually said when worried about how someone is doing, like if they appear to be hurting or just got in an accident. They are really 2 totally different questions, even though the difference is subtle.


How is 'are you OK?' correct but 'are you good?' isn't? 'Gut' is right in the sentence.


"Is it going well with you?" is ok, but "Is it going good with you?" is not? Really?!


Why "how do you do" is not right


probably duolingo is just being dumb like it always is.


What's the difference between "Dir" and "Euch"?

Is one of them singular while the other is plural?


Why is "Are you well?" incorrect?


I think in english, you say "Are you well?" when someone is sick. "Geht es dir gut?" seems more appropriate when you meet a friend after a significant time, just for starting the conversation.


I disagree. "Are you well?" sounds like something I would say to someone I've not seen in a long time.


why "fine" is incorrect? An answer "I'm fine" to the question "Wie geht's?" has always worked!


Are you good? = wrong. I couldn't get it.


because ''are you good'' is considered slang, and duolingo doesnt take slang even if it is more common than the actual grammatically correct saying


Are you doing good? Ok, may not be perfect english, but is widely accepted in America, and is absolutely what the sentence translates to. Poor marks on sw here.


Because right now we are being taught proper grammar, like in school you are not taught slang or anything like that, you're being taught how to speak and write perfect English before society ruins your vocabulary


how are you going? it is ok?


I think that that phrase is only commonly used in Australia. Most other places would say ''how is it going'', ''how are you doing''., ''how are you''...etc


It accepted are you ok.

Can it be shortened to gehts dir gut?


all is good with you ? Should be correct


"geht es dir gut" - "is it going well (with) you?" is an approximate translation - does it not require a "mit" (with) somewhere?


You're right, there is a "mit" (or bei) in the full sentence, but almost no native German speaker actually says the full sentence anymore. In fact, they don't even say the "dir" part, since it's usually implied. This is a terrible example of dative case for beginners because it's essentially a colloquialism. Just learn it for the program and use "Wie geht's?" instead when speaking real German. (Unless you're being formal, then ask "Wie geht es Ihnen" and forget the "gut.")


Awesome response, thank you, I was really uncertain about this


Good and ok.. Such a big difference


Can you say "Geht dir es gut?" as well? Or does he dative have to be in the third position here?


I wrote are you doing well and it said it was wrong


"How's it going?" isn't correct?


so " how are you" isnt accepted. wow

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