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Anyone else out there learning Greek?

Anyone learning greek? Or any greeks wanting to learn English? I haven't come across anyone else studying greek yet!

September 26, 2019


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At last count, the Greek for English speakers course had 1.05 million learners :-)


I'm studying Greek and am off to Crete tomorrow for a few weeks.

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Enjoy your trip. If you want to impress Cretans, learn a few Cretan words and drop them into your conversations. κατέω is a useful and very common one; use that in place of ξέρω and/or καταλαβαίνω. ίντα instead of τι, and γιάντα instead of γιατί are also good to know. Not even all mainlanders know these words, so you'll have Cretans wondering where on earth you picked them up :-)


Yes, I am learning. My Greek is fractured, my parents were Greek. I wasn't forced to go to Greek school as my older sisters. I want to be able to speak more than my last visit to Greece.! I remembered more than I thought, but did not feel confident Going next year!


I have just begun the course myself but taking it slowly between other languages, how are you getting on with Greek yourself, are you finding it easy or hard to learn?


Its a way of life. Its difficult and go on slowly. But I can make a conversation. And that's what matters


It is good you are making way with your new language, keep on doing what you find works.


In the beginning it was simple because my basic is good. But now I am now busy with the advanced stuff.


You are making more progress than I am so far as I have spread myself a little thin with it now but it is all enjoyable and the effort is worth all it.


I'm finding reading and listening easier than speaking! It's quite an intense language to pick up, but I'm going to start writing down phrases between lessons to try to help. How about you?


The problem is, that I do not practis Greek conversation. And that is what I need. To train myself to speak the words out loud and that I am being corrected in a way. I am reading and listening a lot. That's not so much of a problem.


Hi Aime I have the same problems myself reading, listening and writing is more important to me in the early stages of learning a new language I hope later I will have the confidence and ability to speak it before too long but for now it is not high on my list as I try to understand the words and phrases more.


I'm learning Greek also. I hope you guys learn lots and have fun!


I am a Greek native speaker, and I am learning English currently. :)


I think we are a little bit but we are here !!!


Just started learning a month ago :) So far I'm finding that reading and listening is easy, but I'm having trouble pronouncing most words.


It would be my pleasure to help anyone (with song suggestions, explaining the meaning of tricky words e.c.t.) who wants to learn more about the greek language! I consider going abroad so any conversations in greek/english are more than welcome!


Μιλάω αγγλικά αλλά μαθαίνω ελληνικά. Σύνολο Percy Jackson nerd εδώ lol


Instead of σύνολο (which means a sum or a set of things) use τελείως/εντελώς.

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