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Hello Duolingo administrators,

I love the arabic class! The only problem is that the font size of the "match the pairs" lesson part is too small. It's hard to differentiate certain letters. Could you make the font size bigger please?


September 26, 2019


It's the font itself, called GeezaPro, that Duolingo has chosen for us, which is in-optimal for computer screens. A much better one is called KufiStandardGK.

The font size on all of it is too small. I have it zoomed in to about 200% when doing Arabic when i have it only around 100% for European languages.

I totally agree!

This is quite often request here. Duolingo should definitely do something about that.

You can do it on the web by zooming the whole page, and the app is possible to make the fonts larger if your phone allows to change the font sizes all over the phone.

font size

I have made the fonts maximum size, took a screenshot, changed to the size I'm normally using and took another. It has probably some glitch with languages, because it switched the app to Czech (the language of the phone).

Also, when the words of wordbank doesn't fit on the screen the words are automatically selected, which is annoying.

I wish you'll be able to read the small letters soon.

Thank you so much for the great advice!

Someone elsewhere suggested cntrl + (+ ...) as an easy solution. It worked for me.

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