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  5. "He wants to sell shoes."

"He wants to sell shoes."

Translation:Calceos vendere vult.

September 26, 2019



I may be forgetting your rule for Vult, but Latin shouldn't have a defined word order. My response was counted incorrect on word order.


Latin is more flexible than English, but it does have often a preferred or even a correct word order for some words, or grammatical categories. What did you write? If it was acceptable and not accepted, just flag it with the report button.


So, "vult" is indicative present, and "velit" is subjonctive present.

I didn't like the fact that they confused me with indicative and subjonctive moods so early, when they didn't explain me yet the future or past in simple mood like indicative. As a school students, they didn't teach me the subjonctive in my first years, because it was less easy to understand, and less useful in everyday language than future and past. I don't understand their teaching logic here.

So, normally, each time here I can use any of them "vult" or "velit", it seems, as it cas accepted for many sentences, but not all, so I'll flag all of them. "Velit" is probably "would like", but as many debates were here about this, this inclusion of the subjonctive is totally counter-productive, ans we don't know who is right and who is wrong about the use of the subjonctive.


Perchè non accetta vult vendere? Che differenza c è?


He quit school? So what does he want to do?

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