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Students aren't able to join

Hey everyone,

About twenty of my 140 or so students aren't able to join my classes. They follow the link or enter the code, but never join. I've watched a few of them just to be sure they are doing it right. Does anyone have a fix? Has this happened before?

September 26, 2019



I found that some of my students had to go under settings, then progress sharing, then use the class code again in order for me to be able to 'see' them in my classroom.


I had all of my students do this, and it worked.


Thank you. I had tried this exactly before posting and it didn't seem to have any effect.


Until it gets sorted out, have the students send you screen shots of their progress. It is odious, but at least they won't get left behind when you give assignments. Hang in there!


Thank you. I've been having them bring their Chromebooks up to my desk. It works well enough for now.


This is ridiculous. The link does NOT work the first time or even the second. They have to do as people say: go into settings, click Progress Sharing and manually enter in the information.


I've noticed several reports about this, so this is being investigated.

Hopefully this won't be an issue for long. :)

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