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Teachers able to change student's passwords?

So recently, I joined a classroom for school. There were some things that popped up on my screen that the teacher would be able to change my account settings. I thought it was just some small things like the profile picture, your bio, and give assignments. But, later I made my own classroom to test, I made an alternate account (which I now deleted) to test. I realized that I could change my alternate account's password through Duolingo classrooms without their permission. I was shocked, I think there should be at least a warning on the student's screen or an option to cancel or accept; I think this because the teacher can take the student's laptop (temporarily) to change the password and give the student their laptop back as well as their new password. Is there any specific reason to why there isn't an option like this?

September 26, 2019



I haven't joined a classroom as a student in quite some time and I don't currently have a test account I can use for investigating this, but it is referred to in the student's help, so it's not like they're trying to hide this fact. I can't comment more than that without seeing first hand what the "things that popped up on my screen that the teacher would be able to change my account settings" looks like.

If you are in a Duolingo classroom, your teacher or observer can reset it from their schools.duolingo.com account.

Warning: Do not join a classroom of someone you do not know, as they will be able to reset your password and make changes to your account at any time.

I'm a student and I forgot my Duolingo password. Now what?


Spanish_Boy, don't panic! I can't tell you how many of my students choose a weird un-memorable password and then ask me to reset it. That's the only reason it is there. No teacher wants to lock their student out of Duolingo, believe me!

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