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  5. "The medicine made Mara sick."

"The medicine made Mara sick."

Translation:mara ropmoH Hergh.

September 26, 2019

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Today I discovered a bizarre thing about English. If food or medicine or a fairground ride or something else that acts physically causes illness in something, then we say it makes them sick and they became sick. We do have a verb sicken but using it in the intransitive Mara sickened is a little archaic, and we only use it in the transitive sense if it is an emotional impact that causes the sickness. The waste sickens me. The sight of the massacre sickened us. He was sickened by the thought. You can have a sickening smell but sickening living conditions refers to how appalled you feel looking at or thinking about them. Living conditions that actually make you sick are unhealthy or unhygienic.

Nevertheless, I don't know if perhaps the medicine sickens Mara because she knows she has to administer it to save her child's life, despite the terrible side effects it will engender, so The medicine sickens Mara can be a correct answer here.

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