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Export learned vocabulary

I was wondering if there is a way to export all of the words that I have learned up until now? I can't think of a way myself but this would be really handy.

April 21, 2013



This is in the works. Good point!


Fantastic! love this site ;)


I am hoping for an export option as well, as I'd like to make flashcards, so I can quiz myself throughout the day. I'm happy to hear it's coming! Thank you! :)


I second gkgrl. I'd love to have such an option, too.


Maybe even if it was incorporated into the module, so that you could be tested on the individual words throughout the process. A bit like the way Memrise does. I tend to remember individual words better when you are tested by having multiple choices of the words meaning or when you get the word in your native language and then have to type it in the language you are learning and vice versa... I think duo-lingo would be a far more powerful learning tool with this ability. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in making sure grammar is correct that I just dont retain the vocabulary and forget individual word meanings. I still think this is the best language learning site I have ever found, and considering that it is free... thats amazing so a massive thank you to the entire team for making learning so much fun ;)

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