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"My daughters do not study but sleep."

Translation:Filiae meae non student sed dormiunt.

September 26, 2019



if u put the mouse ver the text it says one thing but gives you the wrong answer?

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The hover hints are just blind dictionary definitions. You still need to use context and your judgment to use the appropriate option.

If I had to guess, you tried to write "faciunt"? That's just the auto-dictionary giving you the literal, context-free translation of "do". But do-support is 100% an English thing. None of the Romance languages do it, and Latin does not do it. Therefore it is not appropriate to use the word "faciunt" in this sentence. It only produces nonsense. And even if some auxiliary verb were used in Latin, the subsequent main verbs "study" and "sleep" would need to be in the infinitive, not conjugated.


Does the negative have to come before the verb it's referring to?


Fíliæ meæ nón student, sed dormiunt.


I hate it when I click something but it doesn't register, almost half of my mistakes in Latin were caused by that

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