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You started as a beginner in Latin, and used Duolingo...

You completed the tree, and after that, did you read Latin texts? Which ones?

Do you have the feeling you understand the language (or almost)? What's your opinion about your progress?

Also: I'd like to ask if someone knows the free Latin school by postmail?

September 26, 2019



I started the course 16 days ago and I've just completed (reached the 5th level) the skill market. After completion of the whole tree, I plan to continue learning with the textbook Lingua Latina per se Illustrata.

At the moment, the tree covers the level A1 only which means a beginner. Thus I do not expect to be able to understand the language at that stage.


This is a great book! I'm looking for the free course based on this book, but I don't know if it's over. It was a course by postmails, and the only think they asked, was to own this book.


LLPSI is the text which helps with reading latin. I think I read a post about someone finishing level 5 of this short course and it helped them go back to LLPSI. I hadn't realized how difficult LLPSI actually is for beginners. There are many Latin readers you can move onto based on level. And translations of Winni Ille Pu and Harrius Potter it is easier to read a book if you already know what's going on. The trick is to keep reading and fluency improves and avoid translation if you follow the LLPSI method. I wouldn't worry about good latin style. Just get the hand of reading. I read Classics at UCL. It seems this is a good way for the motivated to supplement any classes in LLPSI or other courses.


Way off at this point - but I don't expect to be able to. This is a very basic course!


A concise method to start a new language. I will continue on my own if, Duolingo would stop offering it.

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