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  5. "Is the beef stew spicy?"

"Is the beef stew spicy?"

Translation:Pika ka pipi kū?

September 26, 2019



Why the word order "beef stew" instead of "stew type beef"? Is "beef stew" treated as a name, instead of an entity of stew being the type of beef?


Aloha e @BarbaraLea954887 , I believe this may be a difference in how Hawaiian mindset views the dish. Seems the view looks at the pipi as the main entity here and describes how it is prepared, instead of the reverse in the Enlgish translation. "Beef that is stewed" vs. "Stew that is made with Beef." Which is correct? They both are depending on how you think of what is important.

You can compare this with other dishes such as "Squid Lūʻau"... why is it made with octopus if itʻs called squid lūʻau? What does "heʻe" even mean? Who translated this dish from original ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi to Enlgish and chose to express it as "Squid Lūʻau?"

As you can see, these all have to do more with historical contexts which came first, the English naming or the Hawaiian naming? And how has that impacted my worldview or not? Something to think about and research haha ;3.

Hope this helps a bit!! E mālama pono.


That was my same conclusion. It really would make more sense even in English - I think of a beef stew more in terms of the beef than the stew. I think it’s really the English word order that is “off” here, and may be a carryover from an olden day when meat was much more expensive and rare than it is today. (Then when “stew beef” became a thing the die was cast, so to speak.) Have a lingot for the explanation and brain workout this morning!

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