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  5. "Bibere caffeam volumus."

"Bibere caffeam volumus."

Translation:We want to drink coffee.

September 26, 2019



Coffee From Dutch Koffie [ 1582 ] From Italian Caffè From Ottoman Turkish قهوه ( kahve - coffee ) From Arabic قَهْوَة ( qahwa - coffee, a brew ) See خ م ر ( k m r - to cover over, especially hot water ) • Omotic Ethiopia Kaffa Region. Coffea is Native to tropical Asia and AfricaCoffea Arabica originates from the Boma Plateau, Sudan and the Ethiopia highlands

Substantiated evidence of either Coffee drinking or knowledge of the Coffee tree is from the early 15th century in the Yemen's Sufi monastaries, spreading soon to Mecca and Cairo. By the 16th century, it had reached the rest of the Middle East, S India ( Karnataka ), Persia, Turkey, the Horn of Africa, and N Africa. Coffee then spread to the Balkans, Italy, and to the rest of Europe, as well as SE Asia and then to AmericasNew Latin: Coffea, Coffeum From Arabic قَهْوَة ( qahwa - coffee, a brew ).


I must say, I'm not sure caffea is attested much in the corpus ;)


Bibere not Mibere!!


Should the stress be on the first syllable of bibere?


Yes, and it's a short "i." (BI-be-re, as opposed to BEE-be-re).

Whenever the 2nd syllable from the end of the word is SHORT, the stress has to fall all the way "back" to the 3rd syllable from the end.

You can't tell without the long marks, but bibo, bibere is a 3rd conjugation verb (i.e., the -ere is a SHORT e(re); as opposed to video, videre, which is 2nd conj. and has a LONG e(re). One "proof" that it's a long e is the fact that you see an e in the 1st pers. sing. form (video). One of the main reasons for wanting Duolingo to use macrons is so that people can pronounce and stress the words properly.

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