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  5. "We live in New York."

"We live in New York."

Translation:Novi Eboraci habitamus.

September 26, 2019



Novi eboraci - locative case Novum eboracum - accusative case


Its absurd to ask people to know this proper noun.


Why would it not be," Habitamus in Novi Eboraci?"


Novi Eboraci is the locative case (which is only used by names of cities, towns, small islands, and a handful of other nouns like domus), it itself means 'in New York' and is not used with the preposition in.

The preposition in takes the ablative case when talking about a static location (no movement to or from). Second declension (like Novum Eboracum here) nouns have an -o ending for the ablative as well: in foro -> 'in the forum/market'.


I'm fed up with all the American place names.


That particular one is related to the Old Country though, could always stay as New Amsterdam


Correct me if I'm wrong.

Novi Eboraci habitamus. (We live in New York city.)

In Novo Ebroraco habitamus. (We live in New York state.)

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